cryptocurrency signals, research, & software


riverblock develops actionable cryptocurrency trade signals. We predict crypto-asset price movements using our proprietary artificial intelligence based approach. Our signals are delivered via API or by automated email.

  • multiple assets supported
  • automatically updated
  • 55% or better accuracy
  • usable with algorithmic trading

We support signals for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, EOS, and more crypto-assets across a variety of exchanges and time frequencies.


In addition to signal and research services, riverblock engineers and licenses custom software to automatically trade cryptocurrency signals, including our own signals.
We also have pre-built tools to manage collection and aggregation of cryptocurrency and blockchain relevant data.

riverblock software tools are available for license by institutional investors and traders.


riverblock also provides bespoke consulting and advisory research. We can help your organization better understand:

  • the cryptocurrency market at-large
  • ICO/STO token-economics
  • crypto audience profiles and segments
  • algorithmic crypto-trading
  • team

    Taweh Beysolow II holds both a Bachelor of Science in Economics (St. John’s University) and a Master of Science in Applied Statistics (Fordham). A machine learning and data science expert, he has consulted on numerous high impact data science initiatives for the federal government as well as worked with leading fintech companies modeling price movements of equities. Taweh is the author of ‘Introduction to Deep Learning Using R’ (Apress 2017) and ‘Applied Natural Language Processing Using Python’ (Apress 2018). Robert Masiello holds a Bachelor of Science (New Jersey Institute of Technology). Robert is a certified cloud and big data analytics expert having architected analytics solutions for numerous financial organizations and federal agencies. Robert and Taweh previously worked together on the machine learning team at Booz Allen Hamilton.

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